2.3.8 (9/27/2018)

2.3.8 (9/27/2018)


  • Roster: Creating assignment notes no longer causes issues.
  • Bulk editing future attribute values no longer affects today's value.
  • Volunteering Opportunities now display the correct valid from/valid to times after an employee volunteers.
  • Quotas are now working for secondary OUs.
  • General performance improvement for volunteering in complex configurations.
  • General improvements in transaction handling.


  • Leave Short Name can now be displayed on Roster.
  • Swapping now allows employees to package swaps, offer and counteroffer must contain an RDO and assignment.
  • Improvements to messages in Stop/Delete Demand Planning pop ups.
  • Notes are now bi-directional between Timecard and Timesheet.
  • Minor improvements made to the Scheduling Method Builder Module.
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