2.3.7 (9/6/2018)

2.3.7 (9/6/2018)


  • An Employee Pay Group change no longer causes an error stating that the employee is connected to more than one Pay Groups at the same time.
  • Minor issue with Scheduling Method Builder is addressed.
  • In specific configurations, the employees are not able to attest their timecards according to proper pay periods.
  • Approval builder log is now displaying accurate log information on requests that have been rejected due to approval limits established.
  • Administrator is now able to properly request a vacation planning block on behalf of an employee in specific configurations.
  • Retrieving a generation log from the Roster page is no longer results in an error.
  • Ability to use Employee Conditions filter in Time and Attendance Rule Management.
  • A few issues resolved in an application of Deduction/Bonus Rules on a timesheet.
  • The mobile and web ESS user is no longer prevented from modifying a 24 hour time entry.


  • Ability to attach assignment attributes on swaps as a part of swapping workflow.
  • Ability to approve/reject leave requests via e-mail.
  • Ability to create 24 hour time entries across all Time & Attendance screens: Group Timesheet, Group Timecard and Employee Timecard (both web and mobile).
  • Enhanced Swapping functionality with the ability to enforce same day swaps and ability to substitute RDO swaps with a leave.
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