Edit an Existing Labor Demand Template

Edit an existing Labor Demand Template

Labor Demand Templates are the staffing requirements to produce a particular product.

Each Section will cover different edit functionality and can be accessed through the following steps. 

1) Click on the Administration icon from the navigation menu, then select the Labor Demand Templates option in the Master Data section.

2) Select the desired Labor Demand Template by either clicking on the Edit Symbol or clicking on the Labor Demand Template Name directly. 


Unused Labor Demand Templates

If the Labor Demand Template has not yet been used, the editing process follows the principle of entering a new template. See Create a Labor Demand Template


Previously leveraged Labor Demand Template 

1) Select the New Version button or the Copy button. 


Note: The Copy button lets you create an editable copy without losing the current Template. 


Note: The New Version button lets create a new version of the current Template without having to keep the current version. 

2) Copying requires a new Name before editing the new requirements. 

Note: The default Name is Copy of __. 

3) New versions require a Date selection. This should be the date as of when these new template requirements will take effect. 

4) Make changes to staffing Dimensions. 

5) Press the Save button

6) Re-drop the new Templates in Demand Planning to change demanded entities. 

Note: New Versions will not take into effect automatically. The Demands will use staffing requirements as of the date the user demanded/ dropped them in Demand Planning. 


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