Edit an Existing Job Location

Edit an Existing Job Location

Edit the details of a Job within Workloud to make changes to the Entity used throughout the application. The article will show how to modify the Job Locations Name, Short Name, Description, Group Membership, and Organizational Unit. 

Each Section will cover different edit functionality and can be accessed through the following steps. 

1) Click on the Administration icon from the navigation menu, then select Job Location option in the Master Data section.

2) Select the Advanced View.


3) Select the desired Job Location by either clicking on the Edit Symbol or clicking on the  Name directly. 


Edit Basic Information

1) To Edit the NameShort Name or Description simply enter new values in the corresponding fields. 

2) Press the Save button.


Delete Current Group Membership

1) Select the x next to the Group you want to remove.


2) Press the Save button.


Edit Group Membership Validity

1) Select the Edit symbol.


2) Select the Edit symbol for the line item you wish to change. 


3) Enter the new Valid From and Valid To dates desired. 


4) Select the green checkmark to validate the date entries. 


5) Press the Save button within the opened window


4) Press the Save button.


Add New Group Membership

1) Select the Member Of drop-down.

2) Select the desired Group to be added. 


3) Click on the blinking blue plus sign to add your selection to the Member Of list.

4) Press the Save button.


Modify Organizational Unit 

1) Select the Transfer button next to the Organizational Unit field. 


2) From the drop-down, select the desired action. 

3) Select the Time and Date the change will be applied. 

4) Press the Next button. 

5) Press the Finish button. 

6) Press the Save button.


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