2.3.5 (7/26/2018)

2.3.5 (7/26/2018)


  • Payroll Report no longer gives Object Reference Error when using the Exclude Headers & Footers Option with Excel. 

  • Vacation Planning Administration now shows requests in a Pending status that are not approved to a user setting a Request Profile Limit.
  • Role Assignments page now has an additional validation on Valid From/Valid To combinations. 

  • In Employee Self Service (ESS web) employee Calendar now displaying correct times.
  • In Employee Self Service (ESS web) pending leave requests can now be modified and a note added.
  • Group & Individual Time Sheet: Fix to Time and Attendance Rules and Pay Code Dimensions so specific job to Pay Code with Overtime use cases transform to the correct Pay Code on the Time Sheet.

  • API: EmployeeUpdates Import interface no longer errors out when null value exisits in the Security Identity block.
  • Reports:  Job Locations Assignment Filter in Reports now Saves. 

  • Swapping in Employee Self Service (ESS web) now consistently load the employees swapping options the first time.
  • Users can now backdate or future date any new or existing Job, Job Location, Location or Shift Group membership.

  • Specific Employee Attribute Right restrictions now now work when associated with a Role.
  • Qualifications: When unqualifying an employee from a Job, Location, JobLocation or Shift via checkbox an valid from field is now populated based on today's date.  

  • Aggregates: Leave Instances no longer count as 2 because they cross the day divide.   
  • Archiving Messages now removes the associated notifications from the user's menu bar. 

  • Origination column on Requests page no longer produces an error when used in sorting.
  • Employee Attributes tab within Employee Management no longer shows Invalid Request error when making bulk edits. 

  • Mobile Employee Self Service (ESS) misspelling fixed in Volunteering.
  • Fractional Rounding on leave balances corrected.  

  • Roster: Problem Solving Profiles that saved to Organizational Unit level now show employee details, filters, or rankings.


  • Clear Delta Work Pattern option now available.

  • Manual Special Assignment now have the same qualities as the regular assignment it is attached to. 
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