Workloud Time Clock - Getting Started

Workloud Time Clock - Getting Started

Welcome to the Workloud Time Clock. The below sections will guide you through getting your Workloud Time Clocks, installed and ready to record time.  

Your Workloud Time Clocks come with the latest version of the Workloud Time Clock synced to your company's domain.  There are several Android and Workloud settings that have been configured to best accommodate the Workloud Time Clock. Details below are for reference.


Recommended Settings (Android)

 - LAN with DHCP - Enabled

 - WI-FI - Enabled

 - Automatic date & time - Enabled

 - Automatic time zone - Disabled - Set to the time zone the Workloud Time Clock will be operating in.  In addition, the time zone must match the Organizational Unit's time zone the employees that are using the Workloud Time Clock are part of in the Workloud web application.  

For more technical information about the Workloud Time Clock or for instructions on doing a fresh installation of the Workloud Time Clock application on the device, see the  Specifications and Instructions.


Default Settings (Workloud Time Clock)

  • Allow Pin - Enabled - Even if you are using Biometrics as your primary login type allowing a PIN allows for a backup.
  • Display Assignment Information - Enabled
  • Display Gamification Information - Enabled - Shows employees their on time streak.
  • Enable Ad Hoc Location Reuse - True
  • Enable Ad Hoc Locations - True
  • Escape Characters - 66
  • Offline Punches - Enabled - Allows punches to be captured if devices are offline (note that transfers are not allowed in offline mode).
  • Photo Capture - Disabled - This feature is beta
  • Primary Punch Type - Based on your solution design.  For more information about your Time Entry options, click here.
  • Reason - Enabled - Allows for Break and Callback punches.
  • Settings Password - Setup to match your Time Clocks User Account. Ask your Workloud Solutions Analyst for the default. Settings password is used to access administrative options and settings on the time clock device.
  • Smart Mode - Disabled - This feature is beta
  • Time Format - Standard
  • Timeout - 5 Seconds - This is the amount of time employee information is displayed on the Workloud Time Clock after a punch, and prior to returning to the Employee Punch screen.  
  • Transfers - Based on your solution design. Ask your Workloud Solutions Analyst for more information.

Settings can be configured at the individual time clock or on the Workloud application.  Workloud Time Clocks will require a restart after settings are changed. For restart instructions and more, click here.



 Once your device is connected to a network and your employees are registered, you are ready to start accepting time punches.


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