2.3.3 (6/11/2018)

2.3.3 (6/11/2018)


  • Employee Group Membership can now be back or future dated.

  • When Copying and Pasting Leave on the Roster over a Special Assignment, the entire assignment is replaced with Leave.

  • Notification Info Type changes no longer create error.
  • Attendance Actuals now displayed as Last Name, First Name.

  • Requests page no longer shows employees outside of the current user's selected OU (Organizational Unit).

  • Job Bidding on mobile no longer shows future dated opportunities.

  • Various renamings to consistent naming conventions and definitions are in use.



  • Payroll Report now available without header or footers.

  • When Copying on the Roster, "Copy Adjacent Special Assignment" setting added to default configuration.

  • In Vacation Planning, admins will be able to see the Employee Approval limit in the Vacation Planning Administration grid.
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