2.3.2 (5/8/2018)

2.3.2 (5/8/2018)


  • Role Restrictions at the field level for attribute and date of birth available.

  • Inactive labor codes can now be restored.
  • Pay Periods now available in Individual Timesheet, when using IE11.
  • Leaves can now be assigned over Holidays on the Roster.
  • Accruals no longer triggered outside of set rule.
  • Copying and Pasting on the Roster no longer drops Ad Hoc assignments.  
  • Overtime Assignment Attribute can be added to Straight Time Assignments via the Loud Tool.
  • Rights now working for Employee Attributes and Date of Birth.
  • Internet Explorer can now be configured to open in Excel without asking for additional credentials.


  • Improvements to the Schedule Method Builder.

  • Smart Backfill via text: When multiple opportunities are offered, text response numbers now match response numbers.  
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