Workloud Time Clock Biometric FAQs

Workloud Time Clock Biometric FAQs

Biometric punching is offered by Workloud via the Workoud Time Clock. The purpose is to punch in and out by identifying the user via biometric information to uniquely identify employees.


1.  Is an image of my fingerprint stored on the clock or the cloud?

No images are stored on the clock or the cloud.

Workloud Time Clocks… do not capture and store actual fingerprint images. Instead, they collect only sample data, convert it into binary data using mathematical algorithms and then store only a digital representation of the fingerprint (not an actual fingerprint image), from which it is virtually impossible to recreate the original image.


2.  How does my information get from one clock to another?

Users register at one clock, and the biometric information is transformed and encoded into a Base64 unique identifier. The unique identifier is securely sent to the cloud, and syncs with each clock periodically to locally enable appropriate biometric information.

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