2.3.0 (4/10/2018)

2.3.0 (4/10/2018)


  • Base Schedule Management - Filtering and ordering employees and Base Schedules now available.

  • Single day cancellation within a consecutive day approved request, now removes the cancelled day from the Roster once approved.

  • Schedule Report: Lists all events in chronological order.

  • Employee Calendar now allows employees to volunteer for opportunities published from the Roster.

  • Inactive Employees no longer available in Smart Backfill.

  • Smart Backfill no longer defaults to a 2 hour timeout process, but instead allows the user to edit.  

  • Employee Group Aggregate (Value Extractor) now available in Problem Solving.

  • Volunteering from the ESS employee calendar when Opportunities are published from the Roster is available again.
  • Error no longer appears when using the Loud Tool to fill understaffed jobs.  

Workflow Improvements


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