2.2.7 (3/8/2018)

2.2.7 (3/8/2018)

Bug Resolved

  • Payroll Report & Timesheet Report now available in Internet Explorer.
  • Filtering by Group is now available in Team Activity.
  • Assignment Notes (more than 150 characters) can now be deleted.
  • Holidays now available for display on Employee and Job Roster.
  • Holidays from other Organizational Units no longer incorrectly displayed.
  • API  - EmployeeUpdates can now reactivate an inactive employee.
  • API  - EmployeeLeaveRequests can now run as a background job.
  • API  - EmployeeLeaveRequests can use date belong field when leave is shared by Organizational Units in different time zones.

Workflow Improvement

  • Employees are now allowed to change a leave from one leave type to another without an overlapping leave constraint violation via Leaves or Employee Calendar in web and mobile.


  • Vertical arrows added to scroll bar on the Roster give users better control and the able to scroll without missing employees.
  • API  - EmployeeUpdates can now accommodate role transfers.
  • API  - Holidays now has a re-occurrence set by date.
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