Workloud Time Entry Registration

Workloud Time Entry: Employee Registration

Learn how to register an employee for PIN, Badge or Fingerprint identification.


PIN Registration

PIN Registration is performed from the Workloud web application.  PIN is the only option available when using an Android tablet with the Workloud Time Clock app.

1) Log in to Workloud.

2)  Go to Administration > User Security > Users.

3)  For each User that needs to punch enter the PIN (1-12 digits) the employee will be using in the Punch Provider tab.

4)  Enter the PIN in the Username field.

5) Save that entry by clicking the  

6)  Then click the Save button.

Within 2 minutes all online Workloud Time Clocks  or Android devices will be able to recognize the user.


Badge & Fingerprint Registration

Badge & fingerprint is available only on the Workloud Time Clock. Registration is only required on 1 device and any online and Workloud connected device will be available within 2 minutes after registration is complete.

1) Log onto your Workloud Time Clock as an Administrator.


2)  Go to Registration.


3)  All Workloud Users with an Employee association will be listed on the left.

Workloud Protip:  Only Employees set up with a User account in Workloud can be registered to punch.

4)  Click on the User/Employee you would like to register.

5)  Select the Swipe or Fingerprint tab and follow the screen instructions to complete the registration.



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