Web App ESS: Timecard


The timecard shows you your in and out punches and any breaks you have taken. You can also use the time card to clock in and and clock out of work. Other information, like schedule, exceptions, and leave balance information can be accessed on this page as well. 


1) Go to > Time and Attendance > Timecard


2) This page will show you your time entry data for the current pay period, organized chronologically. You can look at other pay periods by clicking the drop down arrow. 


3) In order to add a time entry, click the 'add' button underneath Day Actions. In order to add a break, click on the drop down arrow and click 'add break'. 


4) Windows will appear that allow you to submit a start and end time. You may also attach a labor code if your organization utilizes them, or a note. 


5) Click on the edit pencil to edit a time entry or the trash bin icon to delete a time entry. 


6) On the lower half of the screen, you can see schedule assignments, time entry punches, benefit balance data, as well as any special pay you may be receiving. 



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