2.2.5 (2/15/2018)

2.2.5 (2/15/2018)

New Features & Functionality 

  • Allow an Attribute that "Applies to Assignment" to be set to "Is Fixed".
  • The Payroll Report can now be pulled for any past Pay Period.
  • Job Vacancy on the Job Roster, the start and end time of the vacancy now displays.

Bug Resolved

  • Smart Backfill phone calls & text messages now going out with proper messaging to employees.
  • Labor Demand Template reports available without error.
  • API  Within the EmployeeUpdates template jobs no longer fail when run as a background job.
  • Swapping  - Admin and Employee views now show JobLocation when in use.
  • Volunteering Opportunities now viewable by employees when complex job group qualifications are in use.
  • Security vulnerabilities addressed, Reflected Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and Clickjacking - Frameable Page.
  • Leave approved through the Annual Leave Planning functionality now have a cancellation record in Requests, if an Admin cancels on the employees behalf.
  • Block Cancellation Requests can now be Approved by an administrator in Requests without an error.


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