New Year Refresher

New Year Refresher

Below are the common activities that need to be addressed to get Workloud ready for the upcoming year.


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Accounting Periods

In order to use leave functionality Accounting Periods must be created for the new year. 

Workloud Protip: Accounting period start is at the day start and end is at midnight, so your last day of the old and first day of the new should be the same day.

Other areas that may require updates after your new accounting periods are creates are below.

Entity Mappings

If your Accounting Periods are mapped, update the Entity Mappings after your new accounting periods are created. 


Volunteering Templates


Qualifications Management

Employees qualifications may need to be audited or adjusted. The qualifications can be for Shifts, Shift Groups, Jobs, Job Groups, etc.


Base Schedule Management

If employees have no change to their day to day schedules this step can be skipped. If employee's day to day work schedules change or rotations, this step needs to be completed prior to generation. 

Workloud Protip: Never make changes to existing Base Schedules, but rather create a modified copy.


Base Schedule Design

Through the Base Schedule Design functionality, a new base schedule can be created or modifications to existing base schedules can be made.


Base Schedule Allowances

Through allowances, the user defines which employee may be assigned to which Base Schedule. The user may qualify all employees to all Base Schedules if flexibility is a concern in the future.


Base Schedule Assignments

If the assignments change in the coming year, the Base Schedule Assignment of affected employees will have to be changed. Given each employee can only be assigned one Base Schedule during a time period. The user will have to manipulate the validity of each Base Schedule Assignment.


Leave Management

Employee Leave Balances are tied to Accounting Periods. Once the Accounting Period is over the leave balances will reset. The user will have to issue new balances for the new Accounting Period and carry balances over manually if required.


Schedule Generation

Once employee base schedule updates are completed you are ready to enerate next years schedules.  


Schedule Posting

If your using a posting date, it will need to be extended into the next year so your employees will be able to view via ESS. 



Once new Accounting periods are configured. The user will create new Quota definitions or update existing Quotas for the new Accounting Period.


Employee Attributes

If employees have no change to their attributes or if they are managed on an ongoing basis this step can be skipped. 



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