Compliance Status Report

Compliance Status Report

1) Click on the Analytics icon from the navigation menu, then select Compliance Status Report option in the Reports section.

2) Select the Period that the user desires to view compliance status for. 


3) A Day Format can be set for each day of the compliance status report. Click on 4.png button to see all available formats.


4) Select the desired filters from the Filter Employees drop-down. You can either choose to meet all or any of the following conditions.


5) Select any Display Fields to show on the report. Arrows can be used to move the order of display fields around in addition to sorting it in ascending or descending order.


6) Check or uncheck the Event boxes depending on if you want them to be included in the report or not.


7) Check or uncheck the Assignment Info boxes depending on if you want them to be included in the report or not.



8) From the Day Info drop-down, select any options that you'd like to include in the report.


9) Press the Apply button to load the report preview.

10) To view the full report, press the Print Preview button or the arrow next to it (to view the report in different formats). To save the report configuration settings, press the Save button.


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