Create a Deduction Rule

Create a Deduction Rule

Deduction Rules can be created to deduct pay if an employee breaks a certain rule.

1) Click on the Time and Attendance icon from the navigation menu, then select the Time and Attendance Rule Management option in the Time and Attendance Management section.

2) Press the Edit Rule tab.

3) Press the Add New button next to Deduction Rules.

4) Enter a Title for the Breaks Rule.

5) From the Organizational Units drop-down, select the Organizational Unit the Rule will be used for.

6) Select an option from the Deduction/Bonus triggered by drop-down.

Break: the deduction is triggered by a break violation

Length Of Shift: the deduction is triggered if length of time entries is shorter than a certain number of hours/minutes  (which is set by the user)

Pay Code: the deduction is triggered by a specified pay code

Time Of Day: the deduction is triggered if an employee starts working at a specific time of day.

7) Select an option from the Deduction/Bonus Type drop-down.

Zero Pay: If a deduction is triggered, the employee will receive no pay for that time.

Apply Different Pay Code: If a deduction is triggered, the employee will receive pay for the pay code that was specified.

8) Optional: select filters from the Employee Conditions drop-downs.

9) Press the Save button.

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