Mobile App ESS: Team Activity

Team Activity

Employees can view other employees' activities (assignments, leaves, volunteering etc.) over a specified period of time via Team Activity. 

This article will walk through the steps to access Team Activity via Mobile Application Employee Self-Service.  

Workloud Protip:  Team Activity is also available in the Workloud web application.

1) From the Main Menu , select Team Activity.

2) Enter a From and To date.

3) In the Available Events section, click the event(s) that you want view in the Team Activity.

4) Once all events are selected, click Done in the top right corner.

Note: A list of all of the selected events should be displayed. The example below shows all of the Leaves from 1/1/2016 to 1/31/2016.

5) To view more information about a specific event, click on that event. 

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