Configure a Leave Cut Off Rule for ESS

Configure a Leave Cut Off Rule for ESS

This feature allows users to define how far into the future employees are able to request day-by-day leaves.  Leave cutoff rules DO NOT apply to Vacation Planning.

NOTE: Rule changes and new rules will not be applied to employees currently logged into WorkLoud.  In order for the rule to take affect, the employee must log out of WorkLoud and log back in. 

1) Click on the Administration icon from the Navigation Menu, then select the ESS Cut Off Rules option from the Settings section. 

2) Press the New button.


3) Enter a Title for the Cut Off Configuration.

4) From the Scope drop-down, select the desired scope for the Configuration.

5) Press the Save button.

6) From the ESS Cut Off Rules drop-down, select the Configuration.


7) Press the Add rule button.


8) Enter a Title for the rule.

9) From the Type drop-down, select Leave.


10) Use the drop-down menu to select the desired Employee filters. These define which employees the cut off rule will affect.   


11) In the Leave filters section, select the desired Leave Types and Days from the respective drop-downs.


12) From the Evaluation Context drop-down select the desired value based on which the cut off rules will be evaluated.

Note: Evaluation Context defines what you will be allowed to select within the 'Start of Window' or 'End of Window' within Step 13.

  • On day - Enables a daily request leave window. 
  • On week - Enables a weekly request leave window. 
  • On weekend -Enables a weekend request leave window. 

13) Set the Start and End of the window using the provided fields.

  • The Start of Window defines how long into the future employees are able to make a leave request.(Within the time period selected, employees can request leave)
  • The End of Window marks the end of the time period employees would be able to make a leave request.(After the time period selected, employees can request leave)

Note: If the user desires to set values other than the pre-selected options, check Set the start window or Set the end of window to select from more options.


Note: The user can edit both Start of Window and End of Window- It means the user can change the date in between the beginning of the End of Window to the date before the Start of Window (the End of Window should be set less than the Start of Window).

Notice the change in date and time in the following screen shot:


In this example, the employees can make a request after 3 days(the end of window) but before 5 days(the start of window). Suppose, today is 5th of the month-- the employees therefore can request a leave in 9th of that month.

14) Press the Save button in the bottom right corner.

15) To add multiple rules, press the Add rule bar again and follow the previous steps.


16) When the user is finished, press the Save button in the top middle.

17) The user can access the Access Configuration through the ESS Cut Off Rules drop-down.


From the example above, you can see the result within the employee page: The employee can select the leave request : Leave Management > Leave requests > Leaves.




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