1.33.5 (03/08/16)

  • Introduction of Loud Tool - Video DemoConfiguration KBA, Use Case KBA
  • Ability to add attribute to assignment in Problem Solving
  • Ability to disable value set values
  • Introduction of fixed accrual rules
  • Enhanced trace access for day notes
  • Enhanced trace access for assignments
  • Ability for accrual rules to accept decimal values
  • Introduction of Leave Labor Code
  • Enhanced trace access for leave requests
  • Configurable capability for textual representation of idle assignments on Jobs Roster
  • Eliminate day note save button
  • Ability to select day not as event field for all events
  • Ability to sort Job Assignment report by either first or last name
  • Multi-selector for employees in clear schedule
  • Multi-selector for employees in roster filters
  • Multi-selector for leave status filter in Employe Leave Request Screen
  • Ability to search users by Username / SAML SSO Provider / Punch Provider
  • API Enhancements for Schedule Export



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