1.30.5 (09/10/15)

  • Employee ability to see quota open and close dates on annual leave planning and leave calendar
  • Home shift leaves
  • Add employee attributes and aggregate values to Job Assignment report
  • Ability to limit slots for requesting based on leave balance limits per employee
  • Enhance compliance functionality to allow for covered and non-covered assignments
  • Max tasks worked in a period constraint
  • Auto-approve leave on days on that have an assignment configuration options
  • Leave request improvements
  • Employee inactivation date ranges
  • Ability to filter to specific leave types and volunteer opportunities in problem solving
  • Improved slot and preference selection in annual leave planning
  • Ability to import employee contact information
  • Add contact information to employee management main page, roster detail fields, problem solving detail fields, and reports
  • Expose face punch in attendance actuals
  • Exceptions based on work assignment duration
  • Shift premium pay for PTO/Holiday/Holiday Credit and ability to map select non-worked time entries to home shift
  • Ability to map attendance violations to multiple attendance buckets
  • Enhanced timesheet navigability - switch between employees and pay periods
  • Combo rules for dimension pay code conflicts by pay rule set
  • Pay rule for base paycode
  • Configure clock locations in application
  • Display clock location in attendance actuals
  • Relative volunteering opportunities
  • Ability to sort by employee last name and hire date in schedule method builder and problem solving
  • Enhanced implicit preference management
  • Add event filters to schedule and employee assignment report
  • Enhanced hover details for aggregate events on roster
  • Enhanced sorting ability by employee bids for bid line assignment screen
  • Enhance bid assignments report to include bid preferences and awarding workflow
  • Ability to approve multiple leaves in advance leave planning
  • Filter unqualified items from create/modify assignment post drop-down
  • Edit employee contact information via web employee self-service
  • Enhance advance leave planning approval method to include option for home shift
  • Enhanced volunteering across day divide functionality
  • Enhanced leave across day divide functionality
  • Manual roster modification of approved leave updates status to denied
  • Enhanced schedule export report API to include "DateBelong" field
  • Enhanced schedule method builder charging module
  • Invert font color from background
  • Calendar view for team activity
  • Bulk edit ability to modify work pattern on roster
  • Detail constraint that failed validation in generation audit log
  • Enhance leave request page
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