Report: Queued Tasks

Report: Queued Tasks

This report shows a history of data imports, and whether they were successful or failed. It can be used to track information flow within WorkLoud. 

1) Go to analytics > reports > Queued Tasks


2) The screen will automatically load with any tasks logged in recent history. However you are also able to filter the information listed. Click advanced to show to period, orphan, and queued tasks filters. 


3) Period allows you to narrow down the timing of tasks listed in the report. Either choose from a list of time periods, or set your own start and end dates. 


4) Show Orphan allows you to see any inactivated or inactive tasks. 


5) Queued Tasks allows you to filter the type of task listed on the report. Within the 'queued tasks' filter, you may also filter by task status, as well as other chronological filters: submitted after, started after, and completed after. 



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