2.2.3 (1/22/2018)

2.2.3 (1/22/2018)

Bugs Resolved

  • Vacation Planning Requests now available in the ESS Schedule Access

  • Timesheet calculates when Group Timesheet is loaded.

  • Auto Schedule now demands locations and performance is improved.  

  • Charging with Problem Solving no longer has limit. 

  • Base Schedule Design now supports concurrent users.

  • Performance Improvements in Auto Schedule functionality.  

  • Swapping Offers in Workloud web now all show Employee name.

  • Inactive Job bids no longer available to employees.

  • Volunteering Opportunities in mobile and web ESS now match, and allow for all Day Off opportunities to be selected by the employee.  

  • Sort by Job and Job Location with the Employee Assignments Report
  • Sort by Job Location within Labor Demand Template
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