Advanced Filters: Group Timesheet

Advanced Filters: Group Timesheet

Use the advanced sort to quickly organize your employees and bring the most relevant time sheets to the top of the page. 

1) Go to Time and Attendance > Timesheet > Group Timesheet


2) Click on 'Advanced Filters' drop down arrow to reveal different sorting methods. 


a) Exceptions: Filter for Hard or Soft exceptions, Filter approved exceptions, any, or none. 

b) Sign Off: Filter whether or not a timesheet has been signed off by a supervisor. 

c) Attest: Filter whether or not an employee has attested to the accuracy of their time. 

d) Pay Codes: Filter different pay code types. 

e) Labor Codes: Filter different labor codes.

f) Employee Groups: Filter using employee groups


3) After you have decided which Advanced filter(s) to use, click 'Apply'. 


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