Probationary Period

Probationary Period

When an employee is newly hired, often times, they must work for a certain amount of time before receiving a certain benefit, or before other rules are applied to their employment. This articles go through the features that enable probationary periods for new employees

A) Accrual Rules - Choose Leave Types to exclude employees from until they achieve their probationary period. 

1) Go to Accrual Rule Management by selecting > Leave Management > Accruals > Accrual Rule Management. 


2) Click the + icon next to Probation to add a new probation accrual rule


3) Give your probation accrual rule a title, and select the organizational unit this rule applies to. 

4) Within Configuration, you may select the leave type that you are limiting access to. 


5) Choose how many days your probationary period will last.

6) The employee will be unable to use this leave during their probationary period - choose whether the benefit will accrue during this period of time.



B) Time and Attendance Rule Management - limit the application of time and attendance rules to employees based on their hire date. 

1) Go to Time and Attendance > Time and Attendance Rule Management > Time and Attendance Rule Management. 


2) The rule types that can utilize probationary period filtering are: Attendance Event, Attendance Violation, Attendance Credit, and Call Back. 


3) Within each of these rules, 'hire date' is a filter option within employee conditions.


4) Once a date is selected, you may choose whether the employee's hire date is greater than, less than, or equal to that date for the rule to apply.


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