Job Location Group

Job Location Group

Job Locations can be grouped together to be leveraged as such in Qualifications, Base Schedules, Demands, and sorting functionality throughout the application. 

1) Go to Administration > Master Data > Job Location, and click on the 'Job Location Group' tab. 


2) Click "+ New" to add a new Job Location Group

3) Fill in all required fields


4) Make sure to choose either a Normal, Compatibility, or Classification Group


  • Normal: A Job Location can be a member of as many normal groups at the same time as desired. 
  • Compatibility: Job Locations of a compatibility group can be leveraged in factional demands. 
  • Classification: A Job Location can only be a member of 1 classification group at any given time. 

5) Choose which organization unit this Job Location group will be made available to. 


6) From this screen, you are able to choose which job locations are a part of this group by toggling the "Group Of" field.


7) When you are finished, click Save at the bottom of the screen. 

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