2.2.0 (Scheduled for 4th week of Nov)

2.2.0 (Scheduled for 4th week of Nov)

Quality Assurance is not complete for this release, so changes may occur. Links to KBAs and new KBAs are not yet complete.

New Features & Functionality

  • Time & Attendance - Time Sheet & Time Card -  Workflow Improvement - Filtering and Sorting options added, and Next-Previous button added.
  • Time & Attendance - Special Pay Leave Pay Out now available in 1 entry for more than 23 hours.
  • Time & Attendance - Exceptions Report - Now available by Pay Period, and user can now filter by exception.
  • Time & Attendance - Special Holiday Pay Holiday Pay is allowed on top of premium payment, based on rules.
  • Time & Attendance - Overtime now available as a "Hard" or "Soft" Exception.
  • Time & Attendance - Employee Attestation now available on web & mobile.
  • Time & Attendance - RDO (Regular Day Off) Zone rules now definable.  
  • Time & Attendance - Probation Period now definable for use with Attendance Rules.
  • Leave Requests - Employees requesting and Admins approving leave can now communicate via the Note field.
  • Leave Requests - Mobile notes now available.
  • Roster - Viewing is getting easier, a highlight feature is available to better focus on a particular line.
  • Roster Maintain roster sorting/filtering until changed or a new viewing profile is selected even through page refreshes or switching pages/OUs.
  • Roster - Employee date of birth and gender now available on the Roster.
  • Roster - Employee info columns width can now be saved to the user's Profile.
  • Roster - Holidays are now able to be removed from the view.
  • Roster - Schedule Generation Completion box will automatically close when generation is complete unless the "enable auditing" box is checked.
  • Security - First Time Login - No longer requires the the employee to enter in their credentials after a password change.
  • Additional Keyboard Shortcuts added.
  • Employee Management  - All fields now available to add a value extractor making them viewable on the Roster and in many reports.
  • Employee Assignment Report - Hours field is now available.
  • ESS Notification - Leave Type added to definition and message.
  • Workloud  - Time Clocks - Error logs enhanced and additional troubleshooting information now available.
  • Reports - Headers, if defined now display on reports.

Bugs Resolved

  • Time & Attendance - Time Sheet - Refreshing the page no longer creates duplicate entries.
  • Time & Attendance - Time Sheet - In/Out lunch punches now displayed on same line.
  • Time & Attendance - Time Sheet -  Exceptions filter  "Soft" option, and Sign Off added.
  • Time & Attendance - Offline Punches - In/Out and Out/In punches no longer flipped in Attendance Actuals.
  • Time & Attendance - Scheduled Overtime is now available on the Time Sheet, and no longer requires an additional entry.
  • Time Sheet Anywhere (Mobile) - Labor Codes now displayed in alphabetical order.
  • Employee Inactivations - Future dated inactivations no longer start immediately.  
  • Roster - Vacation instances no longer show outside of the selected date range.
  • API - Employee Inactivations processed through the API will now behave like Workloud (web) transactions.  Both Inactivation and Orphan status will occur, releasing all possible relationships with other entities.
  • API - Jobs import now identifies and doesn't process duplicate entries.
  • Swapping (web & mobile) -  Employees view limited to the posted roster date range.
  • Swapping (web & mobile) - Only available to employees within the same Organizational Unit.
  • ESS Swapping - now works on Internet Explorer.  
  • Payroll Report - Rounding errors fixed.
  • Qualification ReportLast Day Worked column now updating with Roster updates.
  • Job Report - Employee from other OUs no longer improperly displayed.
  • Auto Qualify - with Base Schedules now works properly for new base schedules.  
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