2.1.11 (10/26/2017)

2.1.11 (10/26/2017)

Bugs Resolved

  • Vacation Planning Performance Improvements -  When saving results of Block Leave Requests administrators will see a significant reduction in the amount of time the save function takes, and no longer receive a 504 error.
  • Vacation Planning Throttling - Added the ability to throttle the amount of employees going to the Vacation Planning Request screen.
  • Time Clock Android and Workloud Time Clock's time between offline mode and back to online mode will be reduced.  This change will be deployed via an application update on the Workloud Clock and Android devices.
  • Requests - Leave requests are now sortable by the user field.

New Features & Functionality

  • ESS Cut Off rules now allow Base Schedule as a configurable reference point.
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