Roster: Problem Solving Profiles

Roster: Problem Solving Profiles

Use problem solving to fill an open vacancy with the most eligible employee based on criteria you choose. Save problem solving profiles to access combinations of criteria at the touch of a button and expedite filling your vacancies. 

1) Go to Scheduling > Schedule > Roster


2) Click on a vacancy, and a window will sweep over from the right. Choose 'Solve Problem'


3) There are many different criteria menu options to choose from: 


a) Edit Date and Edit Shift or Time - Choose a different day, edit the start and end time of a vacancy, or change the assigned shift by clicking the double arrows. 


b) Vacancy Split: break up the vacancy into pieces that can be assigned to multiple different employees. 


i) Shifts - Choose the percentage of a shift to be covered by a vacancy

ii) Intervals - Break apart your vacancy into hours and minutes with intervals. Start offset allows you to choose to delay the start of an assignment. 

iii) Shift Intervals - Choose the amount of hours and minutes to assign at the start and end of a vacancy. 

c) Employee Details: Use the drop down window to add employee information to the problem solving roster screen.


d) Employee Ranking: Decide how employees are ordered and organized on the problem solving roster screen. 


e) Employee Filters: Choose which criteria include or exclude an employee from the list of eligible employees within problem solving. 


f) Employee Assignment Hover Details: Include information that appears when you hover your mouse over a problem solving schedule assignment. 


g) Configure each assignment separately: If your vacancy is split - assign multiple vacancy fragments to multiple employees at once. 


4) After you have chosen your Problem Solving Criteria, save the profile for later use. Clicking save will make changes to the current profile. Clicking the drop down arrow and choosing 'save as' will save an entirely new profile.  The scope you save will allow you to determine who has access to this profile. To delete a profile, click on the drop down arrow and choose delete. 


5) Once you have saved your problem solving profile, it will be available to you in the drop down window. 


6) With a problem solving profile selected - eligible employees and their schedule assignments will appear on the roster. Click on an assignment to select the employee to fulfill the vacancy.


7) With the assignment selected, you may utilize an attribute, leave a note, or categorize the assignment as overtime. To assign the vacancy, click the 'Assign' button. The drop down arrow will allow you additional assignment options. 


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