Job Bidding: Awarding Base Schedules

Job Bidding: Awarding Base Schedules

After the Job Bidding period is over, and employees have made their bids, it is time to assign base schedules. Learn how to filter the base schedule assignments screen to show employee job bids. 

1) Go to Administration > Employee Management > Base Schedule Management, and choose the 'Base Schedule Assignments' Tab.


2) Click on the 'Gear' in the lower left corner to reveal 'Filter Ordering Settings'. 


3) There are three filtering and ordering options available. After you make your selections, click Apply. 

a) Employee: You can use all the same filters available to you within the Roster. I recommend filtering by Bid Preference. You may also order by bid preferences as well - this will draw employee bids to the forefront of the list.


b) Base Schedule: Similar to employee filtering and ordering, except on the Base Schedule side of the screen. Filter and order by Bid Preference to bring relevant base schedules to the top. 


c) Bid Preferences:  Click the 'Show Bid Preference' to see the ranking that the employee gave to each of their bids. Choose 'Explicit Bid Period' and enter start and end dates for a certain bid period to limit your view to only one bid period. 


4) Once you have made your filtering an ordering selections, you may select an employee from the employee section, and base schedules will appear on the right side of the screen. Likewise, if you choose a base schedule on the right side, employees will appear on the left side. 


5) To assign a base schedule, click on the employee you wish to assign, then click the assign button on the base schedule. To edit the date range of the assignment, click on the drop down arrow next to 'assign'. 


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