Job Bidding: Administrative Setup

Job Bidding: Administrative Setup

Follow these steps to allow activate the job bidding process. Job bidding allows employees the opportunity to sign up, rank and prioritize their preferred base schedule for a future date. 

1) Go to Administration > Employee Management > Base Schedule Management and click on Base Schedule Post Management 


2) Find the base schedule you wish to make available for Job Bidding, and click on the plus sign


3) Once the base schedule is open, click on the '+ New' button. 


4) Fill out the 'Edit Base Schedule Post' menu. Then click Save.


a) Employees: Make Job bidding available by selecting individual employees. The most efficient way to add more than one employee at a time is to select an employee group

b) Validity From/To: Decide the start and end dates during which Job Bidding will be available for employees

c) Notes: You may also add a note


5) Once you save, the validity period will appear within the base schedule you opened. Continue steps 2 through 4 with every base schedule you wish to make available to employees.


Note: Ensure that all validity periods are the same - otherwise base schedules with different validity dates will appear as different entries when employees submit their Job Bidding preferences. 



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