How to find and reveal Entity GUIDs or 'Identifiers'

How to find and reveal Entity GUIDs or 'Identifiers'

GUID stands for globally unique identifier. Within WorkLoud, entities have associated GUIDs or Identifiers that can be used for import or export processes. This article will show you how to reveal these GUIDs. 


1) Navigate to the screen which holds the entity you wish to find. For example: Jobs, Organizational Units, Shifts, or Employee Management. 

2) Click on the 'Gear' icon to reveal a list of current column headers and a drop-down window that you can use to add additional column headers.  



a) On certain screens, like Organizational Units,  you may need to select 'Flat View' to reveal the 'Gear' icon. 


3) Click on the drop-down arrow, select 'Identifier', then click the plus button. 'Identifier' will appear on the list of column headers. When you click the green save button, 'Identifier' will be added to the page. 



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