2.1.7 (9/18/2017)

New Features & Functionality

  • Overlapping Leaves - Workloud will no longer allow the same employee to be scheduled to the same leave at the same time.  In addition, a new Leave Constraint option can now be configured to restrict the same employee from being scheduled to any leaves at the same time.  
  • Employee Self Service (ESS) Cutoff Rules - Opening and closing logic are now available in the rules.  

Bugs Resolved

  • Vacation Planning - Performance improvements to allow the approval algorithms to handle thousands of requests.
  • Vacation Planning Instantiations - Instantiations scheduled to start more than 30 minutes from the present will start and end at the time scheduled. 
  • Vacation Planning in Employee Self Service (ESS)- Selected days now appropriate display for daylight saving. *Note we are still working on a display error in mobile for daylight saving.
  • Employee Self Service (ESS) Team Activity events now update and displaying properly. 
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