2.1.6 (9/1/2017)

New Features

  • Annual Vacation Planning Administration with Open Enrollment now offers the ability to see an Approval Builder Log.  The Approval Builder Log gives the administrator some insight into whether Pending or Denied requests (depends on your algorithm) we're employee requests or rules driven.
  • Employee Calendar (Monthly) can now be setup to display shifts that cross a day divide only on a defined anchor day, like Workloud reports currently work, versus displaying the shift on both days.
  • Volunteering Time stamp is now available and referenceable in Problem Solving ProfilesSmart Backfill, and Volunteering Management.
  • The Schedule Report can present Leave Short versus the Leave Type, to help administrators keep confidential leave information between the employee and their administrator.  Here's how you modify the Leave Short Name.

Bugs Resolved

  • Vacation Planning Administration Screen - Balances are now consistent between the displayed grid and the Print/Excel Option. 
  • Vacation Planning now respects employee's changes to their slot limitations during an instantiated Annual Leave Plan. 
  • Vacation Planning validation for Active Pick can now accommodate multiple shift lengths; no longer locked out of last slot.
  • Vacation Planning - Instantiation now displays as "Finished" once the process has completed.  
  • Time & Attendance - Missed punches no longer creating downstream issues with punches into the next day.
  • ESS cutoff rules for a specified start/end day now working as defined.
  • Workloud Timeclocks additional logic added to reduce double punches when connectivity issues arise.
  • Workloud Timeclocks will no longer go to a white screen with a restart required when a user clicks twice anywhere but on the X.
  • Password Resets now available for mobile (for customers using Workloud security).
  • Pay Periods can now be saved to newly created Pay Groups.
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