Create a Call Off Excuse

Create a Call Off Excuse

This setting allows employees to give a reason when they request a call off from a scheduled assignment.

1) Click on the Administration icon from the navigation menu, then select the Preferences Administration option in the Settings section.

2) Click Leaves and then Call Off Excuses in the Call Off.


3) Select the Scope level to which the changes will apply.

4) Press the Add New 7.png button.

5) Enter the Title, Localized Caption Key, Leave Type, and Order

Note: By selecting Is custom, it will allow the employees to put their own reason to call off a day.


6) When finished, press the Save button.

7) Press the Save button again on the bottom left.

Note: After the call off excuses are created, it will be the call off option in the employee page: Scheduling > Schedule > Employee Calendar


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