Sandbox Refresh

Sandbox Refresh

Some clients want the ability to test new configurations and train in a practice environment, versus using production.  It's a good practice. The Workloud Sandbox is Production code with quarterly refreshes of your data.  


Refresh Process 

If your organization has purchased a Sandbox environment, the data is automatically updated from your production environment data on the 3rd Sunday of each quarter.  The Sandbox environment refreshes so that you have up-to-date information to test with, but do not risk making a change that could affect an employee's schedule or paycheck. 


Single Sign On Considerations

If your organization uses Single Sign On, and has a separate test and production instance of Single Sign On set up you must reapply your test/sandbox Single Sign On Identity Provider metadata text after each refresh, as the refresh process will copy the production metadata file to your Sandbox.

Open your metadata file (provided by your local security team) in note pad and copy into the Identity Provider Metadata Text field.


If you are interested in learning more about the Workloud Sandbox please Submit a Ticket to the Customer Success Team.

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