Troubleshoot: Why Did an Employee's Schedule Not Generate?

Troubleshoot: Why Did an Employee's Schedule Not Generate? 

These steps will help you identify common reasons why an employee's schedule is not generating on the roster. 


A) Base Schedules

1) Go to Administration > Employee Management > Base Schedule Management > Base schedule Assignments Tab

2) Search for the employee - Do they have a base schedule assigned? 


a) Yes, they have a base schedule assigned: Click on their assignment drop down arrow and check the validity of their assignment dates. Edit and Adjust to the appropriate date range as necessary. Now, retry schedule generation within the roster. 


b) No base schedule is assigned: Assign them a base schedule by clicking on their name, and choosing 'Assign' from the base schedules column on the right side of the screen. Now, retry schedule generation within the roster. 

If no base schedules are available, move onto step 3. 


3) Click on Base Schedule Allowances Tab. Click on the employee's name and ensure that they are 'allowed' to be assigned the desired base schedule. If not, click the 'qualified' checkbox next to the base schedule you wish to allow. 


NOTE: Make sure to refresh your browser page. 

 Return to step 2b. 

B) Base Schedule Design

1) While Still within Base Schedule Management, go to Base Schedule Design Tab, and search for the base schedule the employee is assigned to. 


2) Click on the arrow next to the base schedule to open up the work pattern. Click on the 'i' icon to reveal job and shift details. 


3) Leave this browser tab open, take a screen shot, or write down the Job, Shift and Location information included here. It will be important to reference these items when you investigate further. 


 Note: Click the Plus Sign (+) to reveal more base schedule details. 


C) Qualifications

1) Go to Administration > Employee Management > Qualifications

2) Search for your employee and click on their row. Are they qualified for the Job, Location, and shifts that are included within their assigned Base Schedule Design


3) If they are qualified, click the clear button, and then click the ellipses (...) next to their name. See if the validation date of their job, location, or shift qualification is early enough. If they are not qualified by the date you are trying to generate the schedule, the schedule assignments will not appear. 



D) Demand Planning

1) Go to Scheduling > Demands > Demand Planning

2) Find the Job or Location demand that corresponds with the employee's base schedule and click on the blue bar. 

3) Click Edit in order to open up demand details. Click the edit pencil to reveal further details. 


4) Does the information included in the demand match the base schedule design exactly? For example, if the base schedule includes shift, job, and location, but the demand only includes shift and job- this mismatch could be the root issue of the generation problem. 

E) Roster: Manual Assignment 

1) Go to Scheduling > Schedule > Roster

2) Find your employee, and click on a day that failed to generate a schedule assignment. 

3) From the right side menu options, choose create assignment. 


4) Choose a Job, Shift, Location that corresponds with the information within the employee's Base Schedule Design and click 'save'. 

5) An error message may appear that indicates what is missing that causes the schedule generation to fail for that employee. 

If you tried the above steps and the base schedule still fails to generate on the roster, its time to enter a support ticket.



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