Smart Backfill

Smart Backfill

Fill vacancies on the schedule by offering them to your employees via text, email, or automated phone call. 

Note: This is a paid service - if you are interested in establishing the Smart Backfill feature, please contact us for help:


A) Navigate to the Smart Backfill Screen

1) Go to Scheduling > Schedule > Roster 

2) Click on a 'Vacancy' or open demand that you wish to broadcast to employees. This will reveal a list of options in a menu on the right. 

3) Click 'Smart Backfill' on the right side menu. 



B) Smart Backfill Screen consists of three sections:

-Vacancies: Add a new vacancy to be offered to employees, split a vacancy in halves or thirds, or delete a vacancy so that it will not be offered to employees.  

-Employees: Add to, delete from, or reorganize the list of employees who receive vacancy offers. 

-Smart Backfill Actions: Choose your template, change or modify your problem solving profile, or fragment vacancies into customized granular segments. You may also preview the list of employees receiving offers, begin the smart backfill process, or return back to the roster. 



C) Vacancies Section

1) When you first open the Smart Backfill Screen, you will see the vacancy that you chose to offer from the Roster. 


2) You have the ability to Delete this Vacancy by using the 'trash' icon. You are also able to Slice this vacancy into halves or thirds by clicking the 'two headed arrow' icon.




3) You may also choose to offer additional vacancies within your smart backfill screen. Use the 'Add Vacancies' drop down menu to choose the date and the job to be added to your vacancies list. 


Click on the 'plus' icon to add the vacancy to your growing list of offers. 


NOTE: We recommend limiting your offerings to 1 or 2 vacancies per smart backfill process. This greatly simplifies the selection process for employees offered to work vacancies. 

D) Employees Section

Employees are listed according to the Problem Solving Profile which is you can selected on the right hand 'Smart Backfill Actions Section'. Using the Employees Section you may make manual add and delete employees from this preselected list, or change the order they will receive offers.


1)  To manually change the order of the list, click the three dots to the left of their name, drag and drop the employee to their new position on the list. 


2) Use the 'Add Employees' Drop down menu and click the 'plus' sign to manually add employees to your list. 


3) To delete an individual employee, click the 'trash' icon next to their name. To delete all employees from the list, click the 'trash' icon in the upper menu bar. 


E) Smart Backfill Action Section

The action section is where you will select your template, choose your problem solving profile, preview your smart backfill process, and initiate the smart backfill process. 


1) Choose your smart backfill template with the drop down menu. Your template will dictate the method of contact for employees, as the style of smart backfill process. 


Methods of Contact:  Employees will be contacted based on the information listed in their contact info within the employee management screen. 

-SMS: Qualified employees will receive an offer via text message. 

-Email: Qualified employees will receive an offer via email. 

-Voice: Qualified employees will receive a phone call offer. 


-Active Pick: allows one employee at a time to receive offers and respond to them in alloted time that is given to each. An algorithm automatically makes the assignments upon employees' responses.

-First Wins:The first employee to respond to vacancy and accept it, wins and is assigned via SMB Workflow algorithm.

-Open Enroll:  allows all employees to receive offers and respond to them at the same time. Once the open enroll period is closed, an algorithm will automatically rank employees in desired order and assign them to vacancies if accepted.

2) Choose your Problem Solving Profile. This will control which employees appear on the list of employees. You also have the ability to edit or save an entirely new problem solving profile, just like you are able to on the roster. 

NOTE: We recommend using the roster screen to create or edit problem solving profiles, as you are better able to visualize changes made to the employee filtering or employee ranking process from the roster screen. 


3) You may use 'Vacancies Fragmentation' to parse out vacancies with more granular detail than the 'halves' or 'thirds' option within the vacancies section.  Slice vacancies by the exact hour or minute interval  or by shift. You may also offer part of a vacancy instead of the whole. 'Vacancies Fragmentation' functionality is the same as within the Advanced view of Problem Solving within the Roster screen


4) Choose to Preview, Run Backfill or go back to the Roster


 5) Preview Smart Backfill will show you who of your listed employees will receive offers based upon which Jobs, Shifts, Locations they are qualified. You may also edit the message sent to employees who will receive offers. From the Preview screen you can also Run Smart Backfill,  which will initiate the smart backfill process. 


6) When you choose to run the Smart Backfill Process, you will be prompted to Monitor Progress


7) Smart Backfill Monitor displays all smart backfill processes that have been run during a chosen time period. Your smart backfill will be the top of the list. 


8) Click on the 'eye' icon next to your smart backfill process to reveal details. You may 'abort' the process from this view as well. 


9) Click 'more info' within the details view to open the Smart Backfill Tracker. Within the tracker screen you can view the status of offers made to employees, their responses, and the resulting schedule assignments.  


Example Offer Notification Email: 


Example Schedule Assignment Notification Email: 


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