Manually Create Attendance Point Subtractions

Manually Create Attendance Point Subtractions

Edit an employee's time sheet to remove attendance points. 

1) Go to Time & Attendance > Timesheet > Group Timesheet and select the pay group of the employee whose attendance points you wish to edit. 

2) Find the 'Points' column and click on the point value of the employee


3) An 'Attendance Points' window will appear. Choose 'Adjust Attendance Point'. 


4) Choose the 'Valid From' date. This is the date when your Attendance Point change will take effect. 


5) Choose the correct Attendance bucket from the drop-down window, select the number of Points to subtract, and add an appropriate Note. Click Save


6) The 'Attendance Points' window will register the change you made within a chronological list. 


7) Click the 'X' to return to the group timesheet where you can observe the reduced attendance points. 


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