Time Clock: Time Entry Options

Time Clock: Time Entry Options

Learn how to enter time into our time Clocks.

Clock in and clock out, enter tips, mileage, or piecework into time clock when punching out or transforming. 

A) Clock In and Out or Transfer

1) Approach the time clock and swipe your card, or touch the action you wish to perform. 

-Clock In, Clock Out, Transfer, Call back may all be options depending on your system configuration. 


2) You may be required to enter your pin number as confirmation of your identity.


3) You will receive confirmation of your successful time punch. If your organization has established photo capture, the time clock will take your photo for further identity confirmation. 


B) Enable Tips, Mileage, or Piecework Entry through Special Pay Types

1) Go to Administration > Master Data > Special Pay Types

2) Click '+ New' and enter a Name and Short Name for the Special Pay Type you wish to make available and Save. 


Note: In order to make sure these options pay correctly, you will need to create new Pay Codes or Labor Codes, and Dimension Labor Codes and Dimension Pay Codes depending on how your pay and cost structure is configured. 


3) Navigate to Individual Employees or for Employee Groups in order to Enable Special Pay Type

-Individual Employee: Go to Administration > Employee Management > Employee Management > Employees Tab > Select Individual employee and click edit pencil

-Employee Group: Go to Administration > Employee Management > Employee Management > Employee Groups Tab > Select normal group and click edit pencil

4) Click the plus (+) button and select Special Pay Types


5) Click '+ New' in order to enable special pay types. 


6) Select the Special Pay Type from the drop down. Next,  select which punch type you wish the employee to enter special pay information: In Punch, Out Punch, or Transfer. Finally, enter the validity date. These dates determine when the employee will be able enter special pay. 


Example: Employees in Normal Group 1 are able to enter Tip information starting July 1, 2017. 

Note: Only 1 type of special pay time entry will be available from the time clock. Please only enable one special pay type per employee or employee group at a time. 

7) Once the Validity Date has passed, employees who use the time clock will have an opportunity to enter special pay information that they have been granted. 



Example: This employee was granted Mileage Special Pay Access. After they Enter their pin, they are able to enter Mileage. 

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