Employee Management: Auto-Schedule

Employee Management: Auto-Schedule

What happens with Auto-Schedule is enabled?   An employee will automatically: become qualified for the included job, a demand will be created for that job, and the employee will be scheduled according to the information provided within their assigned base schedule. 


A) Turn on Auto-Schedule 

Go to Administrations > Settings > Preferences Administration

Select Scheduling > Auto-Schedule

Note: Ensure that Scope is assigned appropriately. Select the specific organization unit in which you wish to enable auto-scheduling function. Select 'Domain' if you wish to enable auto Scheduling for All Organizational Units. 


1) Enable Auto Qualify Base Schedule > True: Employees will automatically be qualified for any Jobs, Locations, or Shifts upon Base Schedule Assignment

2) Enable Auto Demand Base Schedule > True: Creating a new base schedule within 'Base Schedule Design' will automatically create an Ad-Hoc demand based on the Job, Location, and Shift within the newly created Base Schedule. 

3) Edit Auto Demand on Base Schedule

> True: Editing the Base Schedule Design will automatically update the Ad-Hoc Labor Demand within Demand Planning

> False: You must go to 'Demand Planning' in order to edit the Ad-Hoc Demand

4) Enable Auto-Assign Base Schedule > True: When you assign or change an employee's Base Schedule, not only will their work pattern change, but they will also be assigned scheduled assignments according to the Jobs, Locations, and Shifts included in their assigned base schedule 


B) Establish Auto-Schedule Timing and Periodicity 

1) Auto Assign Period: Select how many Days, Weeks or Months into the future you wish to automatically generate employee schedule. AutoSchedulePeriod.png

Note: In this example, schedule assignments will automatically generate 3 months into the future


2) Auto Assign Update Period: Choose how often your auto-assignment generation will reoccur in days, weeks or months.


3) Auto Assign Start Date: Choose when auto-assignments can begin to occur

Choosing a date in the past will enable schedule auto-assignments immediately. 

Choosing a date in the future will delay schedule auto-assignments until the selected date and time. 





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