Time Sheet: One-Click Approvals

Time Sheet: One-Click Approvals

Managers are able to Approve single time entries for an employee, all time entries for a selected employee at once, or approve all employees within a pay group for a selected pay period.  They may also visualize total hours of an individual's time sheet or all employees via the group time sheet. 


1) Access the Group Timesheet

Go to Time & Attendance > Timesheet > Group Timesheet


Select your desired pay group. The current pay period will automatically load, but you can also choose from future and past pay periods as well. 


2) You may choose to One-Click Approve or Sign-Off the entire pay period from the Group Timesheet. 


Check employee total hours for accuracy by viewing the 'Hours' column

One-Click Approve All Timesheets by selecting 'Sign Off All'.

You my undo your sign-off by selecting 'Un Sign Off All' unsignoff.png

3) In order to approve a single employee's timesheet, you must open their time sheet. To do so, select the 'eye icon'  eyeicon.png next to their name.


Click 'Approve' to sign-off on all employee time entries for the entire pay period. 

You may also un-approve a single employee's time sheet.

4) Approve Single Time Entries by selecting the paper icon papericon.png within the time entry line item.  


From here, you may save your work, clear all un-saved changes, or un-approve single time entries that you had previously approved. 


Always remember to save after you have completed your approvals. 


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