WKSP #7: Volunteer Management & Swapping

Workshop #7

This Workshop will cover Volunteer Management and Swapping.


7.1 Volunteer Management

The user can post, manage and use the volunteering function to schedule employees.

Create a Volunteer Opportunity Template

Users can create configure volunteer opportunity templates in Volunteering Management.

Publish a Demand as a Volunteering Opportunity through the Roster

The user can use the Problem Solving functionality, to publish an understaffed post as a volunteering          opportunity. 

Filling a Position with Volunteers

Having posted an assignment as a volunteering opportunity in the past, the user can easily assign eligible volunteers to an assignment using the Roster Problem Solving function.


7.2 Swapping

Employees are able to offer their assignments up for swapping. After the Employees have accepted each other’s Swap proposals the Swap has to be approved by the user.

  1. Click on the Scheduling icon from the navigation menu, then select the Swapping Administration option in the Swapping section.
  2. The Jobs section will show all the Swaps Employees have offered to other Employees.

    3. To open the counter offers to the offered Swap, simply select the entry line.


    4. The corresponding Offers page will open.

Note: Until the original employee accepts the counter offer, the Swap will remain pending.


    5. Once the Counter offer has been accepted the Offer will show as accepted.


    6. If the Swap is acceptable, press the Approve button.


    7. If the user wants to deny the Swap, select the small arrow adjacent to the Approve button, and select



    8. If the Swap was approved by the user, the changes will automatically show in the Roster and the Employee Calendar.

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