Web App ESS: Request A Leave

Request a Leave

Employees can send specific Leave Requests to their Employer for a future date range.

The following steps describe the Leave Request process via Web Application Employee Self-Service.

1) Click on the Scheduling icon from the navigation menu, then select Employee Calendar option in the Schedule section.

2) Click on the day for which the leave will be requested for.

3) Select the Request Leave option. 


4) If the user wants to set a different time frame other than the default (24 hours), use the up and down arrows and calendar dates to change the desired time frame.


5) From the Leave Type drop-down select the desired leave for the above indicated dates.


6) Press the Save button.

7) The requested Leave will show in yellow until it is approved or denied by your Supervisor. 

8) To see more Information, Remove, or to Modify the Leave request, click on the requested Leave to select the appropriate option.


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