Mobile App ESS: Swapping


Employees can swap their Assignments with other qualified Employees through the Mobile App. 


1) From the Main Menu , select Swapping.


Note: The List may look different, depending on your Employers settings. 

2) In My Swaps, select the Assignment you wish to swap with others.


3) Select Offer.



Other Employees' Offers and Trades can be browsed through the Mobile App.

1) From the Main Menu, select Swapping.

2) In Others Swaps, select the Assignment you wish to Trade for. 


3) In I'd offer mine section, select the Assignment you would like to trade.


4) The Swapping selection will show as Pending until it is accepted.



Once employee’s offer received trades, the employee can then view trade options and accept one to swap.

1) From the Main Menu, select Swapping.

2) In My Swaps, select the offered trade. 


3) Select Counteroffers.

4) The top of the screen will show your Offered trade, while the bottom will show what others have Offered in return. 


5) Select the desired trade. 

6) Select Select

7) The Swap will be reflected in the Employee Schedule as soon as the Swap has been approved by a Supervisor. 


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