How to Configure Default Username and Password Settings

How to Configure Default Username and Password Settings

A set of rules can be established to allow or disallow users from creating username/password credentials, locking the user out when the limit of incorrect logins is hit, expiring a password after a certain number of days, and using the same password more than once. See steps below on how to configure these rules.

1) From the Administration icon in the navigation menu, select Settings and then Preferences Administration.

2) Select Security and then In House Provider


3) Then select the desired Scope for which configuration will be set. It is recommended to define the scope as Domain. 

4) In the In House Provider section, select the Enabled checkbox to allow user to create username/password credentials for a user. Deselect the checkbox if you wish to disallow this function.



Note: Keep in mind, if you disable this option, no user (admin or employee) will be able to log into Workloud application via username and password.

5) Select the Lock After Consecutive Unsuccessful Attempts checkbox to allow locking when the user hits the limit of incorrect logins. Set the limit using the Consecutive Unsuccessful Attempts Limit box.  


6) Select the Use Password Expiration checkbox to allow the expiration of a password after a certain amount of time. Choose the expiration limit (number of days before the password expires) and the notification time before expiring.


7) Select the Use Previous Password Difference checkbox to allow the user to use the same password when changing it. Choose the previous passwords difference limit 


Note: In the image above, 2 means the user cannot use the same passwords as the last 2 passwords.

8) Click Save when finished.

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