Create a Time and Attendance Rule

Create a Time and Attendance Rule

The user is able to define Time and Attendance Rules that can be applied to different Employee groups.

1) Click on the Time and Attendance icon from the navigation menu, then select the Time and Attendance Rule Management option in the Time and Attendance Management section.

2) The user can build out Rules under the Edit Rule tab.  

3) Press the Add New button that corresponds to the correct Rule type, to add a Rule to the system.  

4) Enter the TitleOrganizational Units and any other applicable fields for the Rule Type that you chose

For more detail about each rule, you can follow the links via Exception Rules, Rounding Rules, Day Dividing Handling Rules, Overtime Rules, Zone Rules, Sign Off Rules, Break Rules, Deduction Rules, Attendance Event, Attendance Violation, Attendance Credit, Call Back, Break Punch Rounding. 


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