Create a Rounding Rule

Create a Rounding Rule

Rounding rule enables the user to set rules which establish exactly what time will be rounded up or rounded down to and verify events such as early time or late time.



The "round" is the time span in minutes that the hour will be divided to. For example, if the round = 15 minutes, the hour is divided in 4 parts :00, :15, :30, :45. That means that the "round" should always divide 60.

Rounding Rules can be defined to adjust an actual punch to a usable Time Entry.


Grace is the threshold that defines if the punch time should be rounded up or down. 


Change Point:

The change point is the time limit that the rule is active.


  1. Look for earliest round prior to punch
  2. Find Round + Grace
  3. If Punch is less than or equal to Round + Grace, then Round down
  4. If Punch is greater than Round + Grace, then Round up


1) Click on the Time and Attendance icon from the navigation menu, then select the Time and Attendance Rule Management option in the Time and Attendance Management section.

2) Press the Edit Rule tab.

3) Press the Add New button next to Rounding Rules.

4) Enter a Title for the Rounding Rule.

5) From the Organizational Units drop-down, select the Organizational Unit the Rule will be used for.

6) From the Punch Type drop-down, select the desired option.


7) From the Punch Time drop-down select the desired Condition.


8) Enter the desired Values for Rounding the Entry in the Round field.

Note: Example below shows a Rounding rule, which rounds all punches to the next 5 minutes. The Rounding Threshold is 3 Minutes. Ex: Punch 10:32 = 10:30 vs. Punch 10:33 = 10:35


9) Press the Save button.

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