Configure User Security Set-Up via ESS Self-Register Feature

Configure User Security Set-Up via ESS Self-Register Feature

Users may give employees the option to self-register so that the user only needs to approve their request and set a role assignment. This drastically reduces the time input into setting up Employee Self-Service profiles.


Enable Employee Self-Service Self-Register

1) From the Administration icon in the navigation menu, select Settings and then Preferences Administration.

2) Select Security and then In House Provider


3) From the Scope drop-down, select Domain.

4) Check the Allow Registration checkbox.


5) From the Registration Fields drop-down, select First Name (required), Last Name (required), and Date of Birth (optional.)


Note: These are the fields that employees will be required to enter when creating an account.

6) From the screen on the left hand side select Ldap Provider.


7) Check the Enabled checkbox.


8) Select Pin Provider from the left hand side.


9) Check the Enabled checkbox.


10) Press the Save button.



Approve or Reject Employee Self-Register Requests

The user can accept or reject employee requests for Employee-Self Service.

1) Click on the Administration icon from the navigation menu, then select Pending User Requests option in the User Security section.

2) Press the View button next to the desired requests. If the user desires to reject the request, the user may do so now by pressing the Reject button at the bottom. Otherwise, continue on!



3) If the employee correctly entered their name as it is on file, the employee will be automatically selected on the right hand side.

4) From the Domain Role drop-down, select the employee’s domain role.

5) From the Organizational Units drop-down, select the employee’s organizational unit role.


6) Press the Accept button.



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