Create a Work Pattern

Create a Work Pattern

This feature allows users to define what type of rotation each base schedule might be associated with (days on/days off/ or flexible days).

1) Click on the Administration icon from the Navigation Menu, then select the Work Patterns option in the Patterns section. 

2) Press the Add New 73.png button.

3) Enter the Name for the new work pattern.

4) From the Pattern drop-down menu, select the type of a day that the work rotation will start with: On, Off or Flexible. Once selected, click on the button to add.


5) Repeat step 4 as many times as needed to create a desired pattern of days on, off or flexible.

6) Use the small arrows to rearrange the work pattern days' order or X button to delete any of the work patterns days.


Note: The sequence description of the pattern is displayed above the Pattern drop down.


7) Press the Save button.

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